AUDIO: ‘Be Advised the Entire Bridge Is in the Harbor!’


(—HAPPENING NOW: Just a bit further down this post, we are providing a recording of the emergency communications that took place as first responders were on their way to and arrived at the scene of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the Baltimore, Maryland Harbor after being struck by a massive cargo ship.

The contents of the recording cover the first 30 minutes of what took place. Periods of silence have been removed, so the audio runs for approximately eight minutes.

We now know that the cargo ship’s crew sent a mayday alert when the ship lost power and drifted toward a concrete support of the bridge, which it eventually hit, causing the collapse.

That distress call was received in time to stop much of the vehicle traffic that would’ve been on the bridge absent the call.

According to the New York Post:

“The Dali cargo ship issued a “mayday loss of power,” alerting Maryland officials to stop cars from crossing the Francis Scott Key Bridge moments before the ship collided with the vital bridge early Tuesday morning.

“‘The ship issued a mayday loss of power. The workers on the bridge halted traffic right before impact. They saved lots of lives,’ Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said during a press conference.”

Here is the audio:


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