5 Killed Including 2 Children


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Oklahoma City police encountered a horrific crime scene this week when they were called to a home with the corpses of five people, including at least two children.

Police Sergeant Gary Knight asserted that officers encountered the victims, all bearing injuries indicative of homicide after they responded to a house on the southwest side of the city approximately at 9:30 in the morning.

“This wasn’t a carbon monoxide situation or anything like that,” Knight clarified. “These are five people who were killed.”

Knight also noted that a male and female were among the deceased, though he lacked details regarding the genders and ages of all the victims.

Upon determining the death of all the individuals, officers backed out from the scene and waited for a search warrant before delving into evidence, Knight elaborated.

Subsequently, Mustang Public Schools confirmed the tragic involvement of two current students and one former student among the victims.

Mustang Public Schools Superintendent Charles Bradley said in a statement:

“It is with a very heavy heart that I share some very sad news with all of you today. Earlier today, we confirmed that a tragedy occurred at a home within our district, and we can now confirm the deaths of two of our students (a 6th-grade student attending Meadow Brook Intermediate and a 9th-grade student attending Mustang High School) along with a recent (2023) MPS graduate. We are shocked, and our hearts are broken; this tragedy simply defies understanding.”

Bradley underscored the presence of a crisis response team at schools on Monday to aid students and faculty, assuring their ongoing presence for as long as required.

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