VIDEO: Grenades Detonated In Meeting


( – In a terrifying act caught on video, a local official in Western Ukraine blew up several hand grenades during a village council meeting, which was being live-streamed on Facebook.

You can see the video and what happened further down this post. WARNING: The video is very graphic.

The video, released by the police, captures a man clad in black entering the room amidst a heated budget discussion.

He is seen pulling out three explosives from his pockets, removing the pins, and then hurling them toward the center of the room.

This alarming incident occurred at the village council headquarters in Keretsky, in the western Zakarpattia region.

The meeting was being broadcast live on Facebook when the explosives detonated. The video shows the ensuing chaos, with screams and panic erupting among those present.

As a result of this act, 26 individuals were injured, with six suffering serious injuries.

Police reports indicate that medical personnel attempted to resuscitate the individual responsible for throwing the grenades.

Although law enforcement has not officially named the perpetrator, the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper identified him as Serhiy Batryn, a parliamentarian affiliated with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People party.

The motives behind this violent act remain unclear, but authorities have confirmed that the Ukrainian Secret Service has initiated a terrorism investigation.

This incident comes nearly two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a period that has seen increased accessibility of weapons among Ukrainian civilians.

However, there is no evidence linking this specific attack to the ongoing conflict, in which Moscow still occupies nearly 20% of the total Ukrainian terror before the invasion.

That includes the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea and the eastern Donbas region, which Russia captured during its first invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Since Putin’s regime invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Russians have lost at least 315,000 troops, according to a US intelligence report declassified last week.

Here is the video of the incident.