VIDEO: Biden Confused Again

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – In a brand-new, painful-to-watch “senior moment” for Joe Biden, the president of the United States has once again embarrassed the nation at the highest international level – as he appeared seemingly confused during the world leaders’ photo at the latest Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

During his appearance at the APEC summit in San Francisco on Thursday, President Biden displayed moments of apparent confusion, as captured in a video that has since gone viral, The New York Post reports.

The President, who will turn 81 next week, seemed disoriented while positioning himself for a photo opportunity at the conference.

In the footage, Biden is seen picking at his nose and looking around uncertainly, occasionally pointing to the ground where markers were presumably placed.

A notable moment occurred when one foreign dignitary appeared to exchange places with another, leaving Biden looking visibly perplexed.

As the cameras flashed, Biden’s confused expression was evident before he was called upon to speak.

In a significant moment during the event, Biden chose not to attempt the pronunciation of an American company’s name.

“IBM, Organon, Visa — look, they make up, they make our region more resilient, more secure,” he said.

“Here in this world-renowned hub of innovation, leading tech companies like Anthropic and — I’m going to mispronounce [it], I’m not going to even try. It’s better not to try and not mispronounce than try and mispronounce,” the president added in a remark that was met with laughter from the audience.

“Point is, small and medium-sized business startups are getting an accent as well,” he concluded.

The incident adds to a series of recent moments where President Biden has avoided difficult pronunciations.

Just a day earlier, he chose not to pronounce the name of CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang.

Additionally, he incorrectly referred to the conference venue as the “Marcone Center” instead of its actual name, the Moscone Center, named after former San Francisco Mayor George Moscone.

These incidents have raised concerns about Biden’s re-election campaign, especially as recent polls indicate a majority of voters question his competence to fulfill presidential duties.

According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, only 31% of respondents believe Biden is still competent, a decrease of four percentage points since February.

Moreover, 64% of respondents express concerns about Biden’s health and mental acuity.