VIDEO: 2020 Election Was ‘Absolutely’ Stolen


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: After surrendering for arrest and booking at the Fulton County, Georgia jail, John Eastman, constitutional attorney and adviser to former President Donald Trump, said he still believes the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen.

You can watch a video of Eastman responding to several questions further down this post.

When asked by a reporter, “Do you still think the election was stolen?” Eastman replied: “Absolutely.”

The reporter, seemingly stunned that Eastman would give that response, then asked: “Absolutely? Still?!”

Eastman replied: “No question. No question in my mind.”

One criminal defense expert we spoke with opined that Eastman is telegraphing what his — and most likely Trump’s — defense will be to the criminal charges they face.

Specifically, they will argue that they have always believed the election was stolen and that their actions to “overturn” the election were based on that belief.

Further, they still believe the election was stolen from Trump and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Here is the video of attorney John Eastman answering questions after having been booked in Georgia.