Trump Catches Big Break

Donald Trump

( – In a big legal win for Donald Trump, the Obama-appointed federal judge presiding over his federal 2020 election trial has stopped proceedings in the case for the duration of his appeal of a ruling refusing his request to discard the lawsuit against him.

US District Judge for the US District Court of DC, Tanya Chutkan, has agreed to halt Trump’s alleged election interference trial temporarily, The Hill reports.

Thus, this pause will be in place while Trump appeals a previous ruling by Judge Chutkan that denied his request to dismiss the case.

The judge’s decision effectively postpones any further steps that would advance the case toward a trial or increase litigation burdens on Trump.

Last week, Trump appealed a decision from Judge Chutkan which dismissed his motion to end the January 6, 2021 case.

In this appeal, he also requested a suspension of activities related to the case during the appeal process.

Trump’s defense argues for case dismissal based on presidential immunity and constitutional grounds, including First Amendment rights.

The report stresses that this legal strategy by Trump could potentially delay the trial, initially set for March 4, as prosecutors contend that Trump is employing every legal tactic available to postpone the case, possibly with the aim of pushing it past the 2024 election.

In response to Trump’s appeal, Special Counsel Jack Smith has petitioned the Supreme Court, requesting their input on Trump’s claim of immunity.

Smith also asked for an expedited review, which the court accepted, setting Trump’s response deadline for December 20.

The Trump campaign hailed Chutkan’s decision as a significant victory.

“This is a big win for President Trump and our rule of law, as it derails Deranged Jack Smith’s rush to judgment strategy of interfering in the 2024 Presidential Election in support of Joe Biden’s campaign,” the campaign stated.

“They waited almost three years to bring this hoax’ case’ and are now desperately trying, and failing, to rush it because they know President Trump is dominating the election,” it added.

Despite this pause, Chutkan’s ruling does not affect the gag order in place or the conditions of Trump’s release, which include prohibitions on contacting witnesses or attempting to intimidate them.

The report concludes that the pause could lead to substantial delays in a case where the Biden administration has opposed any postponements.