Trump Blasts Border Deal


( – In a somewhat surprising move, former President Donald Trump has attacked a draft law to crack down on the illegal alien invasion, which Congressional Republicans have demanded to approve military aid funding for U.S. allies abroad, such as Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

In social media posts on Monday, Trump made clear his all-out disapproval of a bipartisan Senate proposal regarding border policy, which is reportedly nearly finalized.

He asserted that this legislation was needless and would worsen the situation at the US-Mexican border.

The former president has persistently criticized the border deal for several days.

This occurs as bipartisan negotiators are wrapping the legislation’s specifics.

A few Republican Senators have opposed Trump’s views, suggesting he should not intervene in discussions about the border deal.

“A Border Bill is not necessary to stop the millions of people, many from jails and mental institutions located all over the World, that are POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY. It is an INVASION the likes of which no Country has ever had to endure. It is not sustainable or affordable, and will, under Crooked Joe Biden, ONLY GET WORSE,” Trump stated on Truth Social.

Subsequently, he implied that Democrats are manipulating the border deal to shift the blame for the border crisis onto Republicans.

“I had the safest and most secure Border in U.S. History. I didn’t need a ‘Bill!’ They are using this horrific Senate Bill as a way of being able to put the BORDER DISASTER onto the shoulders of the Republicans. The Democrats BROKE THE BORDER, they should fix it. NO LEGISLATION IS NEEDED, I.T.’S ALREADY THERE!!!” the former president wrote.

During a rally with his supporters over the weekend, Trump mentioned he would accept blame from Republicans if the bipartisan border deal fails.

Earlier that day, he condemned the border deal as a “catastrophe waiting to happen” in multiple posts on Truth Social.

Some Republican senators have expressed disagreement with Trump’s remarks about the deal.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) labeled it “immoral” for Republicans to derail the deal for Trump’s benefit.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) commented on “Fox News Sunday” that Trump did not influence the border negotiations.