Texas Takes Big Step Fighting Illegals


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In what can only be described as a critical, though long overdue move against the backdrop of the Biden administration’s acceptance of the illegal alien invasion currently plaguing the United States, the state of Texas is moving ahead with a law to make border jumping a state crime, allowing deportation by state officers.

About 8 million illegal immigrants from all over the Third World have waltzed through the US-Mexican border since President Joe Biden occupied the White House nearly three years ago – including a confirmed close to 2 million gotaways.

On Tuesday, the Texas House passed a bill making unauthorized border crossing a state crime, granting state and local authorities the power to arrest and, in some instances, deport illegal immigrants.

Proponents present this move as a necessary response to what they perceive as a lack of federal action on the issue, National Review reports.

However, the bill has faced criticism for potentially conflicting with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona v. US, which established that immigration law enforcement rests solely with the federal government.

Despite this, Texas Republicans argue that the current border situation demands state intervention.

Republican State Representative David Spiller, a key proponent of the bill, insists that SB 4 aims to “stop the flow of illegal immigration” without impeding legal asylum seekers.

He contends that the bill aligns with the Constitution and does not violate the principles set out in Arizona v. US, a point disputed by Democrats.

Democratic State Representative Victoria Neave Criado voiced her concerns.

“SB 4 intends to challenge the decade-long holding of Arizona versus the United States, given the new makeup of the United States Supreme Court, which we have seen has already overturned [the] 50-year long precedent of Roe v. Wade,” she said.

Spiller, however, denies any intention to overturn the Supreme Court decision.

“[The bill] overrides federal immigration law, fuels racial profiling and harassment, and gives state officials the unconstitutional ability to deport people without due process, regardless of whether they are eligible to seek asylum or other humanitarian protections,” declared the leftist group ACLU of Texas.

In a related development, the state House approved $1.5 billion for border barriers in a separate legislation on the same day.

“Texas won’t wait on Biden to secure the border,” declared the Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott.

He thanked Spiller and Republican State Representative Jacey Jetton for their efforts in advancing these bills.