Solar Eclipse Murder Spree; Was She Insane?


( – Proving that some go far beyond their senses in terms of believing in astrology, a U.S. astrology “influencer” has drawn into question her sanity after going on a murder spree in reaction to the recent solar eclipse.

The influencer, Danielle Johnson, known for her weekly “aura cleanses” and online zodiac readings, warned her followers about this week’s total solar eclipse in North America, which she called “the epitome of spiritual warfare.”

Influenced by her astrology beliefs, Johnson stabbed her partner to death, then pushed her two children out of her moving car before fatally crashing it into a tree.

“Get your protection on and your heart in the right place,” she wrote on X, on April 4 under her online pseudonym Danielle Ayoka.

“The world is very obviously changing right now and if you ever needed to pick a side, the time to do right in your life is now,” she continued.

The LA Times reported that early Monday, she fatally stabbed her partner, an Air Force veteran, before fleeing in a Porsche Cayenne with her two daughters.

Driving down the 405 freeway before dawn, Johnson pushed her two children, aged nine (the only survivor) and eight months, out of the moving car.

Half an hour later police wеre called to the scеne of a horrific crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in which the luxury vehicle had slammed into a tree at 100 miles an hour.

Johnson’s body was severely disfigured in the crash, which made identification difficult.

Moreover, authorities discovеred a trail of bloody footprints in the family apartment and found the body of 29-year-old Jaelen Allen Chaney, who was stabbed in the heart.

While eclipses have been linked to end-of-times beliefs since ancient times, scientists debunk these theories.

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