Smugglers Left Them to Die


( – HAPPENING NOW: In a brand-new shocking development on the Southern Border, a group of Texas state troopers stumbled upon a ground of illegal immigrant kids whom human traffickers seemingly abandoned there to die.

The group of ten migrant children aged between 10 and 16 was found by officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) slightly north of the US-Mexican border, Breitbart News reports.

According to DPS spokesman Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, the smugglers first took the children across the Rio Grande but then cast them aside close to Sullivan City, a town of 4,000 people close to Texas’ southernmost tip.

Olivarez posted a photo of the illegal alien children with blurred faces on Twitter, revealing they were smuggled through the Rio Grande on a raft, after which the traffickers returned to Mexico.

The Texas DPS troopers who discovered them are part of Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. They took the kids to US Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The report points out that earlier this week, a Democrat US congressman, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, insisted that the Biden administration terminate any collaboration between US Border Patrol agents and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“I’m calling on the Biden administration to end all cooperation between US Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Public Safety,” Castro told reporters at a press conference after visiting the border near Eagle Pass, Texas, on Tuesday.

If Castro’s proposal is realized, it is unclear what would happen to illegal immigrant children left by human smugglers to die in 100+ degree heat along the Texas border.

The radical Democrat went to the border to receive a briefing from Texas DPS officials on the floating border barriers in the Rio Grande installed at the order of Governor Abbott last month.

During his visit, Castro slammed Texas for using “razor wire” to defend the US border, though he didn’t mention that US Customs and Border Protection use the same wire at ports of entry.

About 7 million illegal immigrants, including roughly two million gotaways, have crossed into the United States since Joe Biden occupied the White House.