Should This Radical Professor Be Fired?

Zareena Grewal

( – Extreme leftist Zareena Grewal, a professor of American studies at elitist Yale University, has stirred controversy with her recent comments defending Hamas terrorist tactics following its deadly invasion of Israel. In response to a tweet by a Sky News journalist emphasizing the importance of considering civilians as civilians, Grewal stated, “Settlers are not civilians. This is not hard.”

Grewal’s remarks followed an earlier statement in the early hours following the surprise invasion of Israel.

In that statement, she blamed the Jewish State for policies that she claimed had led to the mass death of its civilians.

She wrote, “My heart is in my throat. Prayers for Palestinians. Israel is a murderous, genocidal settler state, and Palestinians have every right to resist through armed struggle, solidarity #FreePalestine.” This comment came as reports of Hamas atrocities involving the deaths of hundreds of Israeli civilians were emerging.

In response to Grewal’s comments, a brave Yale student named Netanel Crispe launched a petition calling for the university to remove the professor from her position. Crispe argued that freedom of speech should not be abused, particularly by those in positions of authority and power, and that speech promoting violence, murder, or terrorism should not be tolerated. The petition has garnered over 17,000 signatures.

Grewal continued to draw controversy with her social media activity in the days that followed. She retweeted posts that appeared to support the kidnapping of women at a music festival, people fleeing the country at Ben Gurion International Airport, and the use of “suicide drones” by Hamas during their raid on Israel.

Zareena Grewal’s profile on Yale’s website describes her as a historical anthropologist and documentary filmmaker whose research focuses on various aspects of American Muslim communities, including race, gender, religion, nationalism, and transnationalism. She has received research funding from organizations such as the Fulbright and the Luce Foundations.

Despite the mounting controversy, Grewal has not removed or recanted any of her posts on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Her comments have sparked a broader debate about the boundaries of free speech and the responsibilities of individuals in positions of authority regarding public statements that touch on sensitive and divisive topics.