She Did WHAT With Her Baby?!


( – In a shocking incident at a Walmart in Mississippi, a mother, Kambria Gabrielle Darby, aged 26, was arrested for child neglect.

This arrest followed a viral video capturing Darby with her toddler, dressed only in diapers, in freezing temperatures.

The video, which sparked widespread outrage, was posted on Facebook by a Walmart employee, Felicia Darling, under the username Fee Nicole.

Darby, who was appropriately dressed for the 20-degree weather, was seen placing her barely clothed child in a cold shopping cart. The footage showed her in a confrontation inside the store, where she even threw a bag of frozen vegetables at the shivering child.

An onlooker challenged her, saying, “She’s throwing cold food on this child. What’s wrong with you?” To which Darby responded defensively, “Lower your voice, who are you,” and later delivered a vulgar rant, even pausing to twerk for the camera.

Police found Darby in the parking lot after being called to the scene. It was discovered that concerned shoppers had provided clothing for the child, who was still freezing and shaking. Another video by Darling showed a shopper dressing the child while Darby was on her phone.

Darby was released on bond, with conditions set by the Hinds County Youth Court. Emergency services checked on the child before Child Protection Services took custody, later placing the toddler with a relative.

Following her release, Darby took to social media to defend her actions, claiming the incident was a deformation (sic) of character and comparing her treatment to that of Jesus.

She revealed she hadn’t seen her children since the incident and struggled with her meals, stating, “I haven’t seen my kids since they were taken away from me by CPS. Last night was my first night eating a few crackers since my kids have been gone. I know this too shall pass. I know one day me and my kids will be reunited.”