OUTRAGEOUS: Teacher Beaten By Student


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In the latest case of an infuriating attack by a high school student on a teacher, a 74-year-old substitute teacher was beaten and given a black eye by a teen who has not been held accountable for weeks.

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The new attack in a disturbing trend of school violence that’s becoming alarmingly common nationwide occurred at Perry Meridian High School on February 1, The New York Post reports.

The educator, Rob Gooding of Indianapolis, recounted to News 8 his harrowing experience.

While substituting in a business class, an aggressive student confronted him, threatening to assault him with a Chromebook.

“I saw him come up, and he said, ‘I’ve had it,’ and he came down and I blocked the Chromebook. That’s where the hole was,” he said, indicating a significant injury on his forearm caused during the confrontation.

He further described his attacker as a “man child” who was notably large, standing at six feet two inches tall and weighing 280 pounds.

The situation escalated when the student forcefully pushed Gooding to the floor in the presence of astonished classmates, proceeding to physically assault him.

“Perry Police responded to the incident quickly,” the Perry Township School District claimed in a statement.

It said the matter was forwarded to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office for a decision on criminal charges.

Despite this, Gooding revealed that he had not yet been contacted by any authority regarding the case, expressing his belief in the necessity of accountability for the student’s actions.

This incident is part of a growing concern over the safety of educators, highlighted by attacks that have had deadly outcomes.

In a tragic event earlier this month, a Texas teacher’s aide, Fred Jimenez, lost his life after being pushed and hitting his head.

Jimenez, who was 73 years old and had dedicated over a decade of service to a San Antonio High School, was mourned by his wife, Margo Jimenez.

She expressed her grief to The Post, noting that the school’s administrators had significantly downplayed the seriousness of the incident.

Another alarming instance involved a 15-year-old student from an Ohio high school who, after using a vape, punched a teacher in the head.

This attack resulted in the teacher suffering a “severe brain injury,” necessitating the surgical removal of part of her skull.