NOW: Shocking Autopsy Results


( – After careful investigation to solve a tragic accident back in January, a report has now disclosed that the pilot involved in a multi-fatality hot air balloon crash was found to have higher than normal levels of ketamine in his body.

The autopsy report showed that 37-year-old Cornelius van der Walt’s levels of ketamine in blood hinted at an overdose. The pilot reportedly did not have a prescription for ketamine, and he did not get it during treatment at the crash site.

The balloon accident in Arizona, which occurred earlier this year, resulted in the deaths of four individuals, including van der Walt, and caused serious injuries to another person.

During that period The Eloy Police Department released a statement stressing their cooperation with federal agencies in investigating the incident and urged the public to offer their condolences and support to the affected families and loved ones.

Staff members at National Medical Services (NMS) labs mеntioned in the toxicology rеport that ketamine overdosе can lead to various effects like hallucinations, confusion, irrational behavior, as well as disturbances in vision and the gastrointestinal system, progressing to irregularities in heart and breathing.

According to the Drug Enforcеment Administration’s Drug Fact Sheet, ketamine falls under the category of a “dissociative anesthetic” drug.

Despite this revelation, van der Walt was known among acquaintances as a safety-conscious and skilled pilot. Originally from South Africa, the 37-year-old pilot also owned the company responsible for the ill-fated balloon ride.

The preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board revealed videos from the time of the incident showing the balloon descending with a deflated envelope trailing from above, with the burner flame observed intermittently.

Additionally, signs of “thermal damage” near the mouth of the envelope were observed, along with damage to the balloon’s top paneling and frayed rim tape.

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