Navy SEALS Killed During Raid Identified


( – One of the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is now complicit in the deaths of two more American heroes – as the Pentagon has now revealed the identities of two US Navy SEALs who perished recently in a raid to stop Iranian weapon shipments.

The two Navy SEALs were previously reported as deceased following a search and rescue operation spanning ten days off the coast of Somalia, which borders the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

According to an announcement from the US Naval Special Warfare Command, the two fallen heroes have been officially identified as Christopher J. Chambers, aged 27, and Nathan Gage Ingram, aged 37.

Navy Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Christopher J. Chambers and Navy Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Nathan Gage Ingram

Their disappearance occurred on January 11 during a night operation aimed at intercepting a vessel, the Defense Department revealed.

This vessel was reportedly involved in the “illegal transportation of advanced lethal aid from Iran to resupply Houthi forces in Yemen,” the Naval Special Warfare Command informed, as cited by Breaking911.

The Iran-supported Houthi rebels have been implicated in attacks on commercial shipping within the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Their actions are meant to support another Iranian proxy – the Palestinian Arab Islamist terrorist group Hamas – in its ongoing conflict against Israel.

In response to these provocations, the United States and its allies have been engaging in retaliatory military actions.

The report points out that these efforts aim to preserve the safety and continuity of global trade in that strategic area.

According to information provided by two US defense officials to NBC News, the incident involving the SEALs transpired while attempting to board the vessel mentioned above under challenging oceanic conditions.

Reportedly, one SEAL fell into the water during this operation, and following protocol, the second SEAL entered the water as well.

The U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command has eulogized Chambers and Ingram, recognizing them as “exceptional warriors, cherished teammates, and dear friends to many within the Naval Special Warfare community.”

The loss of these individuals has been described as “devastating” to the force.

The circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are currently the subject of an ongoing investigation, as indicated in the statement from the command.