Missing 2020 Votes Found


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Proving yet again that no election is perfect and the number of votes tallied can, in fact, be wrong, in Prince William County, Virginia, election officials recently disclosed a significant error in the vote count from the 2020 presidential election.

In this case, the now-discovered error favored former President Trump, according to the county’s Office of Elections. Trump received an incorrect surplus of 2,327 votes, while Joe Biden was deprived of 1,648 votes.

This discrepancy also affected U.S. Senate candidates from both parties and a Republican House candidate who was shorted nearly 300 votes.

Eric Olsen, the county’s director of elections, attributed these reporting errors to technical issues related to the compatibility of results tapes with state reporting requirements.

Attempts to rectify these issues inadvertently led to further inaccuracies.

Olsen emphasized that the errors did not consistently benefit one party or candidate, suggesting they resulted from inadequate planning, challenging election conditions, and human error rather than intentional manipulation.

Despite this mishap, Biden’s victory in Virginia remained unaffected, as he won the state by a margin exceeding 450,000 votes. The errors in Prince William County did not meet the 1 percent threshold necessary to initiate a recount.

This revelation emerged amid a case involving Michele White, the county’s former registrar, who faced charges in 2022 related to corrupt conduct, making a false statement, and neglect of duty concerning the 2020 election. These charges have since been dropped.

Olsen, in his statement, sought to reassure Virginians about the reliability of the state’s election systems.

He highlighted ongoing efforts to refine the electoral process, ensuring more accuracy in future elections. Olsen’s message was clear: while the mistakes made were regrettable, they were not indicative of a deliberate attempt to compromise the electoral process, as concluded by the investigation.