Lindsey Graham Threatens GOP


( – A dangerous conflict seems set to blow up inside the Senate GOP as Lindsey Graham is now threatening to back the Democrats to unblock hundreds of US military promotions blocked by his colleague Tommy Tuberville over the Pentagon’s pro-abortion policies under President Joe Biden.

Senator Graham (R-SC), an Air Force veteran, has expressed strong frustration with his fellow Republican, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), over Tuberville’s ongoing blockade of some 450 military promotions, which has lasted for 10 months now.

During a late-night Senate session, Graham emphatically warned that he might side with Democrats to overcome Tuberville’s obstruction, The Washington Times reports.

“I promise you this: This will be the last holiday this happens. If it takes me to vote to break loose these folks, I will,” Graham stated.

He also cautioned his pro-life colleagues, stressing that their approach is detrimental to the cause.

“To my pro-life friends: You’re not advancing this cause. You’re hurting this cause if the average American believes that the reason these people are getting blocked from promotion is because of a policy choice they didn’t make,” the South Carolina Republican added.

Graham’s remarks signify the first public indication from a Republican senator that they are considering supporting a legislative solution to bypass the impasse.

This move reflects the growing dissatisfaction among some GOP senators and the increasing pressure on Tuberville, a senator from Alabama.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) plans to propose legislation after the Thanksgiving recess to confirm the approximately 450 nominees stalled due to Tuberville’s 10-month hold.

The Senate Rules Committee, despite Republican apprehensions about diminishing a senator’s power to block confirmations via unanimous consent, advanced this measure along party lines.

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, a member of the committee and a Kentucky Republican, hasn’t entirely ruled out supporting this extraordinary measure to end Tuberville’s deadlock.

McConnell voiced opposition to the Pentagon policy funding out-of-state abortion travel for service members, calling it a politically divisive and dangerous insertion of the military into controversy.

“Inserting our military into the center of a politically divisive subject isn’t just an ill-advised policy choice. It’s actually dangerous,” he said.

Democrats will require the support of at least nine GOP senators to pass the legislation.

Tuberville, still seeking an alternative solution, has been cryptic about his plans.

“There’s some things I’m working on — hopefully — that it doesn’t get to that point,” he stated.