Kamala Resurfaces

Kamala Harris

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Today, suddenly resurfacing in the news, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to Arizona students about the difference between Palestinian civilians and the militant group, Hamas.

The conversation was brought up during her visit to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff when a student linked the struggles faced by migrants at the U.S. southern border to those of Palestinians in Gaza.

Jonathan Otero, a student, pointed out a recent incident where Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza, leading to significant casualties. His comment brought up the issue of Israel’s actions in Gaza and the U.S.’s southern border, especially concerning the rights of children.

Responding to this, Ms. Harris highlighted that both Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace, safety, and the ability to determine their own futures. She emphasized the need to differentiate between Hamas, a terrorist group, and the Palestinian people.

While there were audible reactions from the student audience after her statement, the topic quickly shifted back to U.S. domestic issues.

Ms. Harris has spoken about the Israel-Hamas situation outside of the campus, expressing a strong commitment to Israel. However, during her college tour, titled “Fight for our Freedoms,” she typically avoids discussing this topic.

Some critics feel Ms. Harris should address the rising negative sentiment toward Israel seen on college campuses. Jonathan Schachter, from the Hudson Institute’s Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East, mentioned the antisemitic voices on some campuses and the need to counter them.

The stance on Israel is causing divisions in the Democratic Party, especially after a recent attack by Hamas on Israelis. Many pro-Palestinian student groups in U.S. universities blame Israel for the attacks. A notable event included Students for Justice in Palestine organizing a “National Day of Resistance.”

Most of the Democratic leadership has denounced the attack on Israel. But, there’s been a noticeable shift among younger Democrats, who seem to be more sympathetic towards Palestinians, as shown by a Gallup poll.