‘I’m Sorry For Everything’


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – During a hearing focused on social media and child exploitation, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) confronted Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the impact of his platform on families, leading to Zuckerberg issuing an apology.

“I’m sorry for everything you’ve all gone through. Nobody should have to go through what your families have suffered,” Zuckerberg stated, addressing the harm experienced by users of social media platforms.

During the hearing, Hawley challenged Zuckerberg on the lack of options available to families who feel victimized by social media companies. These companies, categorized as platforms for public speech, are shielded from lawsuits that publishers, who bear more responsibility for content, would face.

Hawley questioned whether families deserved compensation, such as counseling services, for the issues caused by these services. “Don’t you think they deserve some compensation for what your platform has done? Help with counseling services. Help with dealing with the issues that your services cause?”

Zuckerberg initially responded, “Our job is to make sure that we build tools to help keep people safe.” However, Hawley persisted and suggested that the primary aim of these platforms is making money.

A mom in the crowd named Mary Rodee was unhappy with Zuckerberg’s response. “If he really wants to apologize to me then answer any of my letters or contacts from any attorneys or anybody else the whole time since my kid died three years ago,” the mom said. “In that very short time, he panicked. He was an impulsive 15-year-old. He felt totally trapped and he killed himself.” she added.

She mentioned that she had tried to get in touch with the firm ever since her son passed away, but she had never heard back.