Hundreds of Americans Trapped


( – In an already well-established pattern of disgrace, the Biden administration has once again allowed numerous US citizens to get trapped in a foreign war zone – as the first Americans have only now left the Gaza Strip almost a month after Palestinian terrorists Hamas attacked Israel.

On October 7, two Palestinian terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, invaded US ally Israel from the tiny, overcrowded enclave of Gaza, which they have controlled since 2005.

The terrorists massacred over 1,400 Israeli and foreign civilians, including nearly three dozen Americans.

In a new development on Wednesday, troops overseeing the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip commenced allowing critically ill individuals and foreign passport holders to depart Gaza.

This move, happening for the first time on Wednesday, comes amidst the situation where hundreds of American citizens are still in the Hamas-governed region of Gaza, National Review reports.

Since Hamas’s unexpected invasion of Israel on October 7, over 500 American nationals have been stranded in Gaza.

President Joe Biden, highlighting the efforts of the United States in this crisis, announced on Wednesday, November 1, that the evacuation of foreigners from Gaza had already started.

“Today, thanks to American leadership, we secured safe passage for wounded Palestinians and for foreign nationals to exit Gaza. We expect American citizens to exit today, and we expect to see more depart over the coming days. We won’t let up working to get Americans out of Gaza,” Biden declared.

Reuters projected that nearly 600 international travelers would utilize the border crossing on Wednesday.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that “a handful of Americans” were anticipated among this group.

“This is just the first step in what we consider to be a multistep process that will unfold over coming days,” he underscored.

Further confirming the departure, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller acknowledged that American passport holders have successfully departed from Gaza.

“There are a number of American citizens who have crossed through Rafah and are in Egypt today,” Miller told reporters, declining to specify the number of individuals involved.

Earlier this week, the State Department US citizens in Gaza via email that passport holders might anticipate “limited departures from Gaza may begin this week.”

Additionally, it was mentioned that border crossings will likely continue in the foreseeable future.