Hollywood Bigwig Caught With Teen Girl (Video)


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Filmed as a live stream on Kick.com, titled “Catching Predators,” Vitaly and Bradley Martin encountered Herschel Alan Weingrod, a producer known for his work on “Space Jam” and “Kindergarten Cop,” in a restaurant allegedly attempting to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

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The footage shows Weingrod and the minor at a table, engaged in conversation and ordering food. The situation escalated when Vitaly and Martin confronted Weingrod about his actions.

In the video, Weingrod reportedly admitted that the girl had told him she was 15 during their meeting, which he claimed started through a dating site where she purported to be 23.

“I messed with her, she was 23… She was 23 on a dating site — yeah she was 23 on a dating site,” Weingrod explained as he tried to exit the scene.

The confrontation intensified as the streamers demanded to know if Weingrod was aware of the girl’s age, to which he initially responded, “I have no idea.” However, under continued pressure, Weingrod acknowledged that the girl did inform him of her actual age during their conversation.

“Why are you sitting with my fucking daughter?” one of the streamers demanded.

The men continued storming the scene and surrounded Weingrod, then asked, “Lilah, how old are you?” the young girl responded by saying, “Fifteen.”

Despite admitting to knowing her age, Weingrod downplayed the severity of their interaction, saying, “All we’ve done is talk,” and even asserted, “That’s not against the law. We’ve just been talking. Ya, we’ve been talking and flirting, it’s not a big deal.”

In turn, the streamers then examined the text messages exchanged between Weingrod and the girl and suggested that the content was inappropriate.

The encounter ended with the streamers following Weingrod out of the restaurant, vocally denouncing him as a pedophile and using powder cannons against him as he hurried away.

Yet, Weingrod has not publicly commented on the incident.

The streamers claimed to have contacted the police, though it remains unclear if law enforcement has followed up with Weingrod regarding the allegations of him meeting with an underage girl.

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