Hamas Terrorist’s Sickening Boast (audio)


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In stomach-churning testimony to the animalistic nature of the Islamist terrorists attacking Israel, a Hamas militant has been caught on tape bragging to his family that he massacred ten Israelis in the October 7 attack – which has earned him sickening praise from his parents.

Over 1,400 Israeli and foreign civilians were butchered on October 7 when the Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad invaded Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip. Thirty Americans were also among those killed.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) made public an audio recording of a conversation between a member of Hamas and his family in Gaza, a crowded tiny enclave with a population of 2.2 million.

The IDF got the recording when the man used the phone of an Israeli woman he claimed to have killed.

During the conversation, the man proudly states he “killed Jews” “with my own hands!”

“Open my WhatsApp now, and you’ll see all those killed. Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews!” the terrorist tells his father.

“Allahu Akhbar!” his parent responds, the Arabic phrase for “Allah is great!”

“Dad, I’m talking to you from a Jewish woman’s phone. I killed her and I killed her husband. I killed ten with my own hands!” the Palestinian terrorist says further.

His father continues to praise him with calls of “Allahu Akhbar!”

The Hamas militant continues, telling his father he killed ten people and is eager to tell his mother, who also approves of his actions.

“May God bring you home safely. I wish I were with you,” the mother says.

Another man also joins the conversation, and they discuss the events in a celebratory manner.

“I killed ten, Alaa—ten with my own hands. I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone,” the terrorists reiterates.

When a man who might be his brother pleads with him to return home, the terrorist declines.

“What do you mean come back? There is no going back. It’s either death or victory. My mother gave birth to me for the religion, Alaa,” the Palestinian militant says.

A day earlier, on Monday, the IDF showed foreign journalists behind closed doors nearly an hour of graphic footage from the October 7 incidents.

Many of the journalists have described the shocking terrorist attack footage as something no person should ever have to see.