Federal Workers on Hunger Strike Why?


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a move that’s catching attention, a group of federal government employees, Feds United for Peace, is planning a hunger strike this Thursday to protest Joe Biden’s policy stance on Israel.

This action, viewed favorably by many who oppose the current administration’s foreign policy, is a powerful statement against what is seen as a misguided approach toward the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Feds United for Peace, not strangers to making their voices heard following an office walkout earlier this year, are taking their protest up a notch by engaging in a day of fasting. They plan to wear black attire and keffiyeh scarves as symbols of solidarity with Palestine, highlighting the significant humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

This initiative is rooted in a response to allegations of Israel using food scarcity as a warfare tactic in Gaza, a concern echoed in a recent U.N. report.

This group’s membership spans over two dozen agencies, including key departments like Defense and Homeland Security. The broad involvement of various agencies indicates a strong and widespread sentiment against President Biden’s policy, which resonates well with those critical of the administration.

The previous walkout by this group was met with claims of insubordination by national security officials, and House Speaker Mike Johnson’s outright suggestion for their dismissal underlines the tension between government employees and the administration. However, this further amplifies the significance of their upcoming hunger strike.

The group’s intention is not just to protest but to encourage meaningful discussions within federal offices about the Biden administration’s stance on Israel. Their actions are seen as brave by many who believe that a shift in policy is necessary, especially among federal employees who support a ceasefire but fear speaking out.

The protests, described by former Pentagon official Van Jackson as unprecedented, clearly indicate the growing dissatisfaction with the current administration’s policies. Through their hunger strike, these government workers are sending a strong message that is reaching the highest levels of government.

As Thursday approaches, these federal employees’ stand against Biden’s Israel policy is being seen in a positive light by those advocating for a change in direction. Their bold actions are not just a protest but a significant push against an administration policy that has been a point of contention.

Their efforts are applauded by many who see this as a necessary step in bringing about a reevaluation of the United States’ stance on an issue that affects global politics and human rights.