Election Officials Report Threats


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – The Brennan Center for Justice conducted a local election official survey of 928 election workers across the U.S., which revealed that 38% report experiencing “threats, harassment or abuse” and 54% are concerned about the safety of their colleagues.

The survey follows a series of recent findings indicating local election workers are increasingly fearful for their safety as the November election approaches.

For instance, 62% expressed worries regarding potential interference from elected officials in the execution of their duties.

A minority of 13% highlighted apprehensions about being pressured to certify election results favoring specific candidates or parties.

Many officials advocate for enhanced security measures to address these challenges.

Lawrence Norden from the Brennan Center noted, “Election officials are adjusting to ensure workers and voters are safe. The numbers around threats, harassment and interference remain unacceptably high, but election officials aren’t being passive in the face of this hostile environment.

He continued, “[T]hey are investing in security trainings, increasing physical and cybersecurity measures, and building stronger networks with emergency management services,”

Additionally, key findings from the survey revealed that 92% of respondents have augmented security measures for voters, election personnel, and election infrastructure.

While 38% have encountered threats, harassment, or abuse, 28% harbor concerns about threats targeting their families, and 76% have engaged with law enforcement by sharing election-related information.

These security issues coincide with heightened turnover rates in local election offices.

According to a study by the Bipartisan Policy Center, since 2020, at least 36% of local election offices have witnessed leadership changes, the highest turnover rate in two decades.

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