Dead Girl’s Mother Slams Border Chief (VIDEO)


( – In emotional, painful-to-watch congressional testimony, an Arizona mother whose daughter was killed by fentanyl smuggled through the Southern Border slammed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden for allowing the illegal alien invasion that is overwhelming the country.

See a video of the mother’s emotional testimony below! 

Addressing a US House of Representatives committee, Josephine Dunn expressed her profound disappointment in Mayorkas for his absence at his second impeachment hearing.

She was questioned by US Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) about whether Mayorkas had breached his official duty by not adequately securing the US-Mexican border.

“Yes, sir. I flew from Arizona to meet him and face him and ask him why. And he’s not here today. I did not know that until after I landed yesterday,” Dunn said.

“Today is my daughter’s birthday. I would have much rather been home with my poor husband grieving her. I didn’t need to be here today. Whatever he’s doing, I hope it’s more important,” she added.

McCaul then criticized the DHS chief for his lack of courtesy in failing to appear. He noted that Mayorkas was in Mexico engaging with government officials.

“I’ll be meeting with Mexican officials later next week, and I may have a different story for them. I’m going to have your story that I will take to them,” McCaul told the mother, as cited by National Review.

The House Homeland Security Committee conducted its second and final hearing on Thursday to evaluate if Mayorkas’s failure to implement federal immigration law justifies grounds for impeachment.

Dunn and another Republican witness, Tammy Nobles, who suffered the loss of her daughter to an MS-13 gang member who illegally crossed the border, argued that Mayorkas had betrayed public trust and warranted impeachment.

In contrast, Democrats on the committee presented a constitutional law expert who contended that Mayorkas should not face impeachment merely over policy disagreements between the Biden administration and congressional Republicans.

Mayorkas has publicly declared his willingness to testify before the House but missed both the hearing on Thursday and the initial impeachment hearing on January 10.

Mark Green (R-TN), the committee chairman, sent a letter to Mayorkas on Wednesday, inviting him to provide written testimony.

Mayorkas has a ten-day window following the latest hearing to submit his testimony for the official record, as noted by Green.

The committee is anticipated to vote on Mayorkas’s impeachment on January 31. This sets the stage for a House floor vote in early February.