BREAKING VIDEO: Israel Scores Huge Kill


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: Stepping up its efforts to destroy Palestinian Islamist terrorists, US ally Israel has dealt a severe blow to the Hamas terrorist group by blowing up one of its commanders who led the slaughter of Israeli and foreign civilians in the October 7 invasion from the Gaza Strip.

You can watch a video of what took place further down this post.

In the surprise attack earlier this month, Hamas terrorists unexpectedly overwhelmed Israeli border defenses and massacred over 1,300 civilians, including two dozen US citizens.

Israel has managed to kill over 1,500 terrorists on its soil and destroy Hamas targets in Gaza, an enclave of 2.2 million inhabitants, while preparing to enter it in a ground operation.

The Israeli military announced on Sunday that it killed Billal al-Qedra, commander of Hamas’ so-called Nukhba unit’s southern Khan Younis battalion, The Times of Israel reports, as cited by Reuters and Newsmax.

Al-Qedra was eliminated based on the intelligence efforts by the Shin Bet security agency and Military Intelligence Directorate, with a social media video released by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) showing the air strike that killed the high-profile terrorist.

“He was responsible for the murderous raid in Kibbutz Nirim and Nir Oz,” said the IDF, adding other Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists were also killed in air strikes in Gaza early Sunday.

Statements from the Israeli military signaled an impending clampdown on the entire leadership of Hamas, notably targeting Yahya Sinwar, the group’s top representative in Gaza.

“Sinwar is a dead man walking,” warned IDF international spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, as per The Wall Street Journal.

This development follows the IDF’s revelation from the prior day, indicating the elimination of two pivotal Hamas figures, Merad Abu Merad and Ali Qadi, both associated with the brutal incursion into Israel.

In separate actions on Sunday, the IDF neutralized a Palestinian militant near Nir Am, close to the Gaza boundary.

An IDF representative emphasized that the pivotal objective of their ground operations revolves around rescuing hostages believed to be detained underground.

In another incident, Hezbollah’s antitank missiles struck the northern Israeli town of Shtula, resulting in five casualties.

After a brief period of calm, The Times of Israel reported renewed rocket warning alarms in multiple southern Israeli regions on Sunday.