BREAKING VIDEO: Gunman at US Capitol


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: A man armed with a long gun was spotted on the grounds of the United States Capitol in Washington DC, where he was arrested.

You can see a video of what took place, along with a photo of the gunman further down this post.

Specifically, just a short while ago, United States Capitol Police apprehended an individual armed with an AR-15 rifle in the vicinity of the US Senate’s office structures.

The individual was detained in a park opposite Union Station, per an official statement from the Capitol Police.

Photographic evidence from the arrest depicts the suspect clad in a tan sweatsuit adorned with the emblem of “Boominati Worldwide,” a music label established by the rap producer Metro Boomin.

Authorities have since released a follow-up statement: “At this time we have no reason to believe there is an ongoing threat. We are working to gather more information and will put out more details when they are confirmed. We are investigating the subject’s belongings out of an abundance of caution.”

This incident succeeded a prior advisory regarding a dubious package in Upper Senate Park, situated immediately north of the US Capitol, prompting a warning to avoid the area.

The atmosphere around the Capitol remains tense after a recent pro-Palestinian demonstration in the city, which saw a considerable number of participants marching to the White House. The demonstrators were heard chanting “Allahu akbar” and expressing disdain for President Joe Biden, urging for a cessation of hostilities in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

During the protest, the crowd approached the presidential residence’s barriers and marked it with red hand imprints as a form of accusation against the president for supporting Israel, equating the aid to participating in genocide.