BREAKING: He’s Dead; Killed By Cellmate


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: Billy Chemirmir, who had been convicted for the deaths of two older women and was a suspect in nearly 22 other deaths of older women, was discovered deceased in his prison cell early Tuesday.

His cellmate killed him.

Having faced charges for the deaths of 22 older women from North Texas over two years, Chemirmir was pronounced guilty of capital murder in October 2022, connected to the murder of 87-year-old Mary Brooks. A mistrial occurred in his initial trial concerning the murder of Lu Thi Harris, but he was subsequently found guilty of her murder as well.

At age 50, Chemirmir had been incarcerated in the Coffield Unit near Palestine in Tennessee Colony, serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Chemirmir was discovered dead in his cell early Tuesday. They revealed that his cellmate, who is incarcerated for a murder committed in Dallas County, was the perpetrator.

Further details about the circumstances of Chemirmir’s death remain unknown, and the Office of Inspector General under the TDCJ is investigating the incident.

The families of those alleged victims of Chemirmir were informed of his death early on Tuesday.

Prosecutors reported that the alleged serial killer tended to target older women within their homes or in senior independent living facilities, using pillows to suffocate them and rob them of their jewelry.

Most of these deaths were deemed initially natural, even though families had reported strange situations and missing jewelry. The cases were only revisited and charges pressed after an individual managed to survive one such attack, leading the authorities to Chemirmir.

John Creuzot, the District Attorney of Dallas County, had the prosecution of securing two convictions before deciding to drop the other cases. Meanwhile, earlier this summer, the District Attorney of Collin County, Greg Willis, mentioned that he had no intentions of pursuing the nine capital murder charges that his office held against Chemirmir.

A streaming series titled “Stranger at the Door” delved into the multitude of deaths linked to Billy Chemirmir.