Bombshell Testimony in Hunter’s Gun Trial


( – On the fourth day of Hunter Biden’s gun trial, Hallie Biden testified about finding crack-cocaine remnants in his car along with the handgun she disposed of six years ago for fear that her children could find it and get hurt.

Hallie, the widow of Joe Biden’s late son Beau and who had a romantic relationship with Hunter, recounted October 23, 2018, when she discovered Hunter’s gun in his truck.

She described going to clean his car with hopes of helping him “start anew” before stumbling upon the revolver and ammunition, alongside “trash, clothes, some remnants of crack,” and other “paraphernalia.”

In a panic, she decided to discard the gun and ammo to prevent any harm to Hunter and her children, fearing Hunter might have been suicidal. She then placed the items in a pouch, put the pouch in a bag, and threw it away in a trash can behind a grocery store near her home.

While the gun eventually ended up in FBI custody after a man found it in the garbage can and reported it to the police, the pouch tested positive for cocaine residue.

Moreover, federal prosecutor Leo Wise introduced surveillance footage presented in court that showed Hallie disposing of the weapon that day. She admitted to feeling flustered and panicking at the time and recognized it was a “stupid idea” in hindsight.

Unable to find the gun, Hunter urged Hallie to file a police report as the firearm was under his name. She frantically searched for it but could not locate it.

Hunter was furious when he learned that she disposed of the gun, according to Hallie’s testimony. She admitted to not telling him initially, fearing his reaction.

Hallie also testified about Hunter’s drug use, stating that she discovered his addiction early in their relationship. She witnessed him smoke crack from fall 2017 to July 2018 and even became addicted herself after he introduced her to the drug.

During cross-examination, Hallie struggled to recall specifics, conceding that she did not witness him using drugs in October 2018 when he purchased the gun.

The prosecution aims to prove that Hunter was an active drug addict when he denied it on a federal gun-purchase background check form.

Prior to Hallie’s testimony, gun salesman Gordon Cleveland testified about Hunter’s transaction on October 12, 2018, stating he saw no signs of drug or alcohol use during the sale.

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