BOMBSHELL: Dems Won’t Certify Election if Trump Wins?!


( – Arguing that Donald Trump is not eligible to be President of the United States because they believe he is “an insurrectionist,” a number of top Democrats in the United States House of Representatives are indicating they may not certify the election results if Trump wins in November.

This stance comes amid debates surrounding the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban,” which some argue disqualifies Trump from running. Despite a Supreme Court hearing that seemed skeptical of letting one state decide Trump’s eligibility, the possibility of not certifying his potential victory remains on the table for these Democrats.

California Representative Zoe Lofgren told The Atlantic, “he’s clearly ineligible,” yet she acknowledged the challenge process is “very murky” with no set procedure for such a disqualification. Lofgren admitted she “might be” willing to push for disqualifying Trump.

South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn bluntly labeled Trump “an insurrectionist,” reflecting deep-seated concerns about Trump’s eligibility. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff, another Democrat from California, expressed reluctance to speculate on the Supreme Court avoiding a direct ruling but emphasized he would adhere to the law. “I’m going to follow the law,” Schiff stated, aiming to avoid the turmoil of hypothetical situations.

Eric Swalwell, also from California, echoed this sentiment, stressing his commitment to the law over protest actions “I would not object out of protest of how the Supreme Court comes down.”

The Supreme Court’s deliberation brings to light the potential for this issue to reemerge in Congress especially if Trump wins and there’s no clear ruling on his eligibility.

Jason Murray, representing Colorado warned the justices that the matter “could come back with a vengeance” indicating that Congress might have to confront Trump’s qualifications under the Electoral Count Reform Act after the election.