Biden Gets Rare Good News

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – In recent political developments with rare and probably unbelievable news, a poll has Joe Biden leading the race against President Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a potential three-way contest for the presidency.

The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll revealed that Biden received 44% of the support, while Trump stood at 37% and Kennedy at 16%. Notably, 3% of the respondents hadn’t made up their minds.

Breaking down the dynamics when only Trump and Biden were considered contenders, Biden’s lead shrank from 7 percentage points to just 3.

Specifically, 49% of the polled population supported Biden, 46% backed Trump, and 5% were undecided. Analyzing party loyalties, both Trump and Biden garnered immense support from their individual parties at 91%. Moreover, each managed to attract 6% of the opposing party’s supporters.

Interestingly, independent voters leaned towards Trump, with 49% in his favor, compared to Biden’s 43%.

However, the equation changed once Kennedy was brought into the mix, challenging Trump’s standing. Independent voters exhibited a significant inclination towards Kennedy, with 29% showing support. In contrast, he managed to gain the support of only 9% of Democrats and 11% of Republicans.

Kennedy’s entry led to a recalibration of numbers. Biden’s backing among independents reduced by 9 percentage points, settling at 33%, while Trump’s support witnessed a more significant drop of 15 points, landing at 34%. Furthermore, Biden’s Democratic support decreased by 5 points to 86%. Similarly, Republican support for Trump saw a 10-point decrease, reaching 81%.

These polling results have emerged amidst rising apprehensions within both major political parties, primarily due to Kennedy’s strategic shift. Rather than pursuing a Democratic candidacy, he chose the path of an independent runner, leading to speculations and concerns about the potential impact of this decision.

While Biden seems to be maintaining a relatively unchallenged status in the Democratic primary, Trump continues to be the favored choice among GOP primary voters.

For context, this poll was conducted this month and encompassed phone, text, or online interviews with 1,313 U.S. adults. This group included 1,218 individuals who are registered to vote. The results of this poll come with a margin of error that stands at plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.