Biden ‘Crime Family’ Will Get $40M?! (Video)


( – Making a grim prediction about President Joe Biden’s political future, a Republican congressman has declared that the Biden “crime family” keeps receiving foreign cash through its murky foreign business dealings as it continues to “sell influence” to the nation’s detriment.

In a Newsmax interview on Thursday, US Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) voiced strong allegations against the Biden family, claiming they are on course to amass over $40 million from “selling influence.”

Burchett’s comments came amid an aggressive impeachment inquiry by House Republicans, targeting President Joe Biden’s family members, including Hunter Biden and James Biden, with subpoenas.

“This crime family is on track to receiving over $40 million, I mean, it’s just every two or three weeks something new is developed in this thing,” the Tennessee Republican said.

He questioned the rationale behind Hunter Biden having over 100 bank accounts and raised concerns about the Bidens evading taxes on these alleged earnings.

“Why would Hunter Biden have over 100 bank accounts? I mean that’s just totally ridiculous and I think the point that really needs to be made is that no one has showed where any of the Biden family has paid any taxes on this money,” the GOP lawmaker noted.

The recent subpoenas issued by Republicans demand depositions from Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their former business associate Rob Walker by mid-December.

Additionally, requests were made for voluntary transcribed interviews with James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, and Hallie Biden, widow of the president’s deceased son Beau.

Republicans have been scrutinizing the Biden family since January, alleging a long-standing pattern of “influence peddling” that dates back to Biden’s tenure as Vice President under Barack Obama.

Rep. James Comer (R-TN), head of the House Oversight Committee, asserts that the committee has uncovered substantial evidence demonstrating Biden’s abuse of power and dishonesty regarding his political role and his son’s business activities.

Burchett expressed skepticism about the media’s and the administration’s response to these findings.

“The proof will never be enough for the left-wing media and the lap dogs of this administration… but the American public sees it,” he said.

“I still predict he will not be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. They’re hung up with this guy and they’re all going to be shed up him pretty soon I suspect,” the lawmaker forecast.