Atheists Slam Christians


( – In a New Year’s message demonstrating the left’s desire to drive religion out of American public life, Atheist Revolution, a platform for American atheists, called on its community to actively vote against Christian candidates.

This call to action is framed as a matter of survival, with the group asserting that the stakes are particularly high for atheists and non-Christians in the political arena.

The message, stark in its urgency, argues that Christian extremists pose an existential threat to their way of life.

The text from Atheist Revolution emphasizes the critical need for high voter turnout among atheists and non-Christians, suggesting that their very lives could depend on the outcomes of elections, especially when Christian extremists gain power.

Highlighting the severity of the perceived threat, the message warns of extremists like Nick Fuentes, who, according to Atheist Revolution, advocates for extreme measures such as the death penalty for non-Christians.

“This isn’t a secret. We ignore the threat at our own peril,” the statement reads, urging its base to keep this in mind, especially when they feel indifferent towards available political candidates.

Further reinforcing their sense of urgency, the message states, “If we need a reason to go to the polls, this could be it.” It implores atheists to vote not just out of opposition to the agenda of Christian extremists but also out of a desire not to live under their influence.

The statement from Atheist Revolution is unambiguous in its intent:

“This isn’t about upholding abstract principles or doing the right thing. It is about our survival.”

It calls for a concerted effort to counter Christian extremism, highlighting the perceived need for atheists to be more politically active to ensure their future.

This message reflects a growing sense of urgency and mobilization within the atheist community in response to what they view as an increasing threat from Christian extremism in the political sphere.