ALERT: State of Emergency Declared


( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: On Wednesday, an unparalleled invasion of 4,000 illegal aliens entered the United States from Mexico through Eagle Pass, Texas, prompting the city to declare an official state of emergency.

United States Border Patrol sources report these illegals have joined a group of about 7,500 illegals who had already entered in the past week.

This wave of illegal immigration is the most significant since the event in September 2021 when 15,000 Haitians gathered beneath a bridge in the nearby town of Del Rio, Texas, leading to significant humanitarian concerns, according to officials.

Eagle Pass’s Mayor, Rolando Salinas, stated that many migrants, predominantly from Venezuela, have filled the Mission Border Hope shelter in the city where asylum processing typically occurs.

Salinas voiced his concerns, saying, “One of the situations is that a lot of these [migrants], they’re single males, and they don’t want to listen to instructions, and they’re leaving the facility,” and added, “Not all of these people come in peace.”

The mayor also expressed the pressure that this large-scale arrival, equivalent to nearly half of the city’s 29,000 residents, has imposed on the city’s resources, notably the police and fire departments.

Border sources informed The New York Post that although migrant processing typically takes about two days, the current influx might considerably extend this timeframe. During such a period, all migrants must be detained, which poses another challenge for officials.

Fox News reported that among those now in custody in Eagle Pass is Roberto Emilio Vasquez-Santamaria, a 64-year-old from Peru, who faces charges for allegedly killing another man in the Texas city. Although Vasquez-Santamaria entered Texas illegally in May, he was let go as officials found no prior criminal records for him. He was later ordered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to return to court in 2025.

The details surrounding the alleged murder by Vasquez-Santamaria haven’t been disclosed by local law enforcement.

Highlighting the security concerns, US Rep. Eddie Morales, whose jurisdiction includes Eagle Pass, mentioned, “It’s obviously a security issue.” He further stated, “I am aware that there are 2,000-4,000 under the [International] Bridge right now, and more are coming. We’ve also been in contact with Union Pacific [railroad, which runs across the bridge] to ensure they bolster security, preventing crossings via the railroad tracks. All this to say is that there is a concerted effort to try to get a handle on this situation.”

In light of the recent events, Mayor Salinas confirmed that the emergency declaration would enable Eagle Pass to seek federal and state assistance. “This is just a measure that we have to take to make sure we maintain order here in the city of Eagle Pass,” Salinas said. He further added that the funds would be used to support the city’s services and preparations for potential future migrant caravans.