ALERT: DA In Trump Case Gets Bad News

Fani Willis

( – HAPPENING NOW: Giving her a choice she undoubtedly will see as bad news, the judge presiding over the criminal case against Donald Trump in Georgia ruled that District Attorney Fani Willis can only stay on the case if she fires her former lover from the prosecution team.

Specifically, the judge decided not to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the case against former President Donald Trump.

Judge Scott McAfee said that the people trying to have Willis removed didn’t prove she had a conflict of interest because of her personal relationship and trips with her main prosecutor.

However, he did mention that the situation looked bad and ordered Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor, to leave or Willis and her team to step down to fix the issue.

McAfee pointed out that there’s a less severe way to handle this rather than disqualifying Willis. He said the case can’t go on until the state picks one of two options: either Willis leaves the case with her whole office, or Wade steps down. This would allow everyone to focus on the case without being distracted or potentially biased because of Wade’s involvement.

A co-defendant of Trump, Michael Roman, claimed in a motion that Willis benefited financially by giving her romantic partner, Nathan Wade, a high-paying job as a special prosecutor on the case, alleging he took her on vacations with the money he made from his role.

Willis and Wade denied that their relationship started before he got the job, despite a friend of Willis saying it began in 2019. They also said they split expenses fairly, with Willis paying him back in cash.

Judge McAfee expressed doubts about Willis and Wade’s honesty regarding the start of their relationship, stating that their testimony leaves questions and contributes to the appearance of wrongdoing. He stressed the importance of addressing these issues to clear up any improper impressions.

Trump’s main lawyer, Steve Sadow said they plan to explore every legal avenue to dismiss the case, which he argues shouldn’t have been filed. Sadow criticized the judge for not taking the alleged misconduct of Willis and Wade seriously enough, including their financial benefits, lying about when their relationship started, and Willis’s controversial speech where she accused the defense of racism.


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