Would You Eat THIS?

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – For the first time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has given the green light to sell so-called “cultured meat,” produced by culturing or growing animal cells separately.

CNBC reports the USDA decision made the United States the second country in the world to approve cell-cultured meat for the consumer market after Singapore became the first to do so a couple of years ago.

In what is described as a “landmark decision,” on Wednesday, the Agriculture Department authorized two cultured meat startups – “Upside Foods” and “Good Meat” – to sell their “chicken” products in the United States.

The report notes that cultured meat is also known as cell-based or lab-grown protein. It is produced by placing fat or muscle stem cells into a culture medium that feeds and grows them.

After that, the medium is treated in a bioreactor to boost the cells’ growth for an end product “that looks and tastes like traditional meat.”

CNBC notes further that, according to its proponents, cultured meat is “healthier and more environmentally friendly” compared with “traditional meat.”

Both cultured meat startups had already gotten the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, which concluded that their lab-grown chicken was safe for human consumption.

When sold to U.S. consumers, their meat will be designated “cell-cultivated chicken.”

In December 2020, Singapore became the first to allow cultured meat by granting Good Meat permission to sell its products.

“This announcement that we’re now able to produce and sell cultivated meat in the United States is a major moment for our company, the industry and the food system,” Josh Tetrick, the CEO of Good Meat’s parent company East Just, commented.

The USDA also approved Joinn Biologics, Good Meat’s manufacturing partner, to produce the lab-grown meat.

Eat Just announced further that the first order to serve its cultured made had been made by Chef Jose Andres for an undisclosed restaurant in Washington, DC.

Upside Foods also said it had registered its first cultivated chicken order – by Chef Dominique Crenn at Bar Crenn in San Francisco.

“This approval will fundamentally change how meat makes it to our table,” Upside Foods founder and CEO Uma Valeti said.