VIDEO: White House Emergency


( – Captured in baffling video footage, a White House briefing halted abruptly when a reporter collapsed at the back of the room.

Watch the video further down this post.

One person alerted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of an emergency as a reporter in the back of the room fell unconscious. Jean-Pierre then left the podium to assist.

“We have an emergency!” the individual said.

“Oh, hold on. Did somebody pass out?” Jean-Pierre asked, followed by her walking to the back of the room.

The briefing paused for over a minute until the reporter regained consciousness. Once it was clear the situation was under control, Jean-Pierre returned to the podium.

“You are correct. It is hot in here,” Jean-Pierre said in response to another reporter. “Um … I think we’re okay. I think we’re okay. And does anybody need water?”

After ensuring everyone was fine, the briefing resumed, allowing Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason to finish his question.

Temperatures in Washington, D.C., hit a high of 92 degrees but felt closer to 98 with humidity.

Moreover, the sweltering temperatures are part of a heat wave impacting tens of millions of people in the Midwest and Northeast this week.

FOX Weather reported that a massive high-pressure system has moved over the East Coast, sending temperatures in the nation’s capital, New York City, and Boston into the 90s.

The heat is forecast to linger for the rest of the week and will increase in D.C. in the next few days.

D.C. may issue a heat advisory by the weekend as temperatures are predicted to reach 100 degrees or higher.

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