VIDEO: Hero Saves Kids From Human Trafficking


( – Suspecting they were being taken against their will, a hero Atlanta driver saved kids from a human trafficking ring as he spotted a rental truck and swiftly notified the authorities.

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This story, which resembled a Hollywood thriller, ended in a fortunate way for the children who faced a grim fate.

The driver was able to thwart the human trafficking operation after noticing a disturbing sight on a busy Atlanta highway.

This driver, whose quick thinking and brave actions saved numerous lives, observed what seemed to be a hand or body part hanging out of a budget rental truck. He then began recording the scene while trailing the truck.

Last week, the driver, identified as Atlanta resident Langston Proper, saw the unsettling sight and immediately contacted law enforcement while recording the incident on his phone.

Proper provided critical updates to both the police and his social media followers as he cautiously followed the truck from midtown Atlanta to Gwinnett County, near Lake Lanier.

Moreover, Proper later recounted the experience in a heartfelt Facebook post. “My day yesterday started out as me going with the normal flow of a #tgif to turning into the good #marvel hero of saving humans from being trafficked off.

“I never would’ve thought I actually would have seen this right in front of my eyes and not just in movies or hear about it word of mouth,” he added.

The real-time updates and continuous communication with law enforcement allowed the authorities to intercept the truck effectively. Upon stopping the rental truck, the officers discovered a group of children being smuggled.

Thanks to Proper’s vigilant actions, the driver of the rental truck was arrested and the trafficked children were rescued, ending this dangerous operation.

Furthermore, footage captured by Proper shows the dramatic moment when law enforcement officers surrounded and stopped the truck, securing the safety of the children inside.

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