Video: Armed Standoff at FBI Headquarters


( – Sparking a massive armed police standoff in downtown Seattle, an armed woman barricaded herself inside the Seattle Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) building.

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Seattle Police Department and Homeland Security swiftly arrived at the scene, preventing the armed woman from venturing further into the building.

Seattle Police Officer Eric Munoz stated, “She walked into the lobby armed with a handgun pointed at her chest. At one point, the woman was demanding the FBI take her into custody, and they do have authority over that building.”

From his office across the street, witness Keegan Uderitz saw officers trying to persuade her to surrender.

“They’re saying, ‘Drop the gun, get down, hands up’ on the loudspeaker,” Uderitz explained.

Also, paper has been put up in the building’s windows to obscure the view of onlookers. The building has been taped off, while the surrounding streets and roads have been reopened to both traffic and pedestrians.

Additionally, the FBI stated that local law enforcement and negotiators communicated with the woman for nearly an hour until the FBI’s SWAT team reportedly arrested her around 4:12 p.m. without incident, Officer Munoz added.

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Seattle Field Office Richard A. Collodi said, “We are grateful to the Seattle Police Department, King County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Protective Service, and other law enforcement partners for their commitment to protecting our community.”

Moreover, officials commented that the area around the FBI building was secured while police managed the situation. They confirmed that no hostages were taken during the incident.

Although the reason behind the incident remains unknown, no injuries have been reported. Hence, the bureau said it is not releasing any information about the woman’s identity and will continue investigating her motives. No charges have been made yet.

The FBI also has reported an increase in the number of threats against personnel and facilities in recent years as it continues to face widespread criticism, particularly amongst conservatives and the far-right.

Some MAGA supporters have condemned both the bureau and the Department of Justice (DOJ) for supposedly being hyper-aggressive against former president Donald Trump, while in contrast, believing they turn a blind eye to Joe Biden.

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