VIDEO: 13 Shot, Stabbed, Hit By Vehicles

( – Things got out of control during the early hours of Sunday in Syracuse, New York. More than a dozen people were injured due to shootings, stabbings, or being hit by cars.

According to the Syracuse Police Department, they were called in at 12:22 a.m. due to reports of a shooting at a huge gathering involving hundreds of people. When the police arrived, they found many injured people.

Four people, aged 17 to 22, were shot among the injured.

Also, six people, aged 17 to 25, had cuts on their heads and bodies, which seemed like stab wounds.

Furthermore, three people, aged 22 to 23, had scrapes because they were hit by cars. The police think these people were accidentally hit as others tried to escape the chaotic scene.

All 13 victims, found at the scene or local hospitals are expected to recover.

The events leading up to the incident are still unclear, and the police haven’t figured out whether the stabbings happened before or after the shooting. The authorities haven’t revealed any suspects yet, stating that they’re still investigating the situation.

Here is a news video from the local news station about what happened.