Trump: World War Three Coming

( – Former President Donald Trump has accused his White House successor, Joe Biden, of dragging the US “toward World War III” by helping Ukraine beat back the invasion of Putin’s Russia.

“Joe Biden should not be dragging us further toward World War III,” Trump declared in a statement, reacting to Biden’s recent decision to send Ukraine cluster munitions.

Cluster munitions are banned over the risks to civilians by about half of the world’s countries. The US, Russia, and Ukraine aren’t among them.

Putin’s Russia has been using cluster munitions and the even more devastating white phosphorus and thermobaric weapons in Ukraine since invading it nearly 1.5 years ago.

“It took me a while to be convinced to do it. But the main thing is, they either have the weapons to stop the Russians now… keep them from stopping the Ukrainian offensive through these areas, or they don’t. And I think they needed them,” Biden told CNN in an interview aired last Sunday.

Former President Trump vigorously attacked him over those words.

“If, as Biden inadvertently admitted, the reason for sending cluster bombs now is that the United States is “running out of ammunition” (a great breach of classified information)… It certainly means we should not be sending Ukraine our last stockpiles at a time when our own arsenals, according to Crooked Joe Biden, are so perilously diminished,” the former president elaborated.

He slammed Biden for weakening the nation through “the humiliating admission that the USA is now out of ammo,” which would be welcomed by America’s enemies worldwide.

“We must have ‘PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH’ and in a short time, the Presidential election of 2024 will produce that result,” he concluded.

Trump’s comments contrast the view of his former ally, former Vice President Mike Pence.

“Supporting the Ukrainian military to repel and defeat the Russian invasion is in the interest of the United States of America, and it’s in the interest of freedom. If the Russian army was able to overrun Ukraine, it would not be too long before they crossed a border where, under our NATO charter, our American armed forces would be required to go and fight,” Pence said last week.

He stressed helping Ukraine would cause Communist China to “think twice about Taiwan or moving on anything else in the Asia Pacific.”

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