Trump: Secret Service Hiding Cocaine Truth

( – Donald Trump is confident the Secret Service knows who smuggled cocaine into the White House but is covering it up by ending the investigation for “lack of physical evidence.”

Trump also suggested the cocaine found in the West Wing on July 2 may have belonged to Hunter Biden – and even compared the lost drug stash to the Hunter’s lost “laptop from hell.”

His comments came after, on Thursday, the Secret Service announced it had terminated its investigation into the case since inconclusive lab test results and lack of relevant surveillance footage left it unable to identify a suspect.

“I have a lot of respect for the Secret Service, and I believe they know who it is,” Trump said in an interview for Newsmax’s “The Rob Carson Show.”

“I know that part of the White House very well, and the only one that gets really good access is like family members and Cabinet members where they [the Secret Service] don’t go crazy on checking. So it has to be somebody like that,” the former president added.

“Perhaps it was a Hunter [Biden] deal, and they left for him, and he forgot to pick it up like he forgot to pick up his computer,” Trump hypothesized.

In the same interview, he was asked whether President Joe Biden could get through the 2024 campaign and possibly even a second White House term.

“I don’t see it. I watch this guy. I was much more respectful to him and to the office until they indicted me. They indicted their primary opponent who’s leading by 50 points,” said the 45th president of the United States.

“When they do that, then the gloves are off. Look, we have a corrupt president. He’s a stone-cold thief. He’s an extortionist. And his son is the one doing it,” Trump stated.

He was also asked to comment on a July 30, 2017, WhatsApp message leaked by IRS whistleblowers in which Hunter Biden used his father to threaten a Chinese Communist Party operative to send him money.

Trump said if any of his children had sent a similar message to anybody, “they would have been arrested immediately.”

“That was extortion at a high level. And that’s mafia talk. Just incredible,” the 2024 Republican presidential hopeful said.