Transgender Student Athlete Ban Enacted

( – Kansas has become the 20th state in the US to adopt a ban on “transgender” girls, that is, biological males, playing women’s sports in schools and colleges after the GOP majority in the state legislature managed to overturn the governor’s veto.

Kansas’s Democrat Governor, Laura Kelly, has been vetoing a bill banning transgender individuals from girls’ athletics for three years.

However, this time, the Kansas Republicans mustered a two-thirds majority in both state legislative chambers to kill the governor’s veto.

On Wednesday, the Kansas House of Representatives voted 84-40 against the veto. The state Senate did the same in a 28-11 vote on March 28, The Lawrence Times reported.

The report notes that “both chambers barely met the two-thirds threshold to override the governor’s March veto.”

“It sort of breaks my heart. It certainly is disappointing. I know that there’s some legislators for whom this was a very, very hard vote, and one that I think they will regret as they look back on their time in the Legislature,” Governor Laura Kelly told reporters after the votes.

“This is sort of a moral values vote. I think they voted against their own moral code and their own values. I think that will be very tough for them long-term,” she elaborated.

As per the new Kansas law, children and college students will participate in school activities under their gender assigned at birth. For that purpose, they could be subjected to genital inspections or required to provide a birth certificate to prove their gender.

The law on school athletics is only one of several Kansas bills on transgender youth. Other pieces of legislation include a “women’s bill of rights” prohibiting “transgender” “women” from spaces reserved for women and a bill to ban “transitioning” medical procedures for minors, which leftists call “gender-affirming care.”

During the Kansas House debate before the veto vote, Democrat state Rep. Susan Ruiz told GOP lawmakers who voted for the ban that they were “full of s***.”

“This is all about wins and losses for them. This is a win for them. They don’t care what kind of a win it is. They don’t care about the unintended consequences. They don’t care that trans kids have a target on their back,” Ruiz said after the vote.

In the final state House vote, one Democrat representative sided with the Republicans to override the governor’s veto, while three GOP members sided with the Democrats.

Republican state Rep. Barbara Wasinger, who asked the chamber to consider the transgender student-athlete ban, declared it was about women’s rights.

“Let’s not go back in time,” Wasinger said, insisting that a failure to ban biological men from women’s sports would be regressive.

Democrat state Rep. Jerry Stogsdill cited data from the Kansas State High School Activities Association showing that 11 out of 109,402 students registered in activities in Kansas are “transitioning” at present, while two of them participate in sports.

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