TRAGEDY: At Least 1 Dead; Dozens Injured – Video

( – A historic concert venue in Illinois called the Apollo Theater had its roof collapse during a concert on Friday night. One person died, and 28 others got hurt. The concert was going to have metal bands Morbid Angel, Revocation, and Skeletal Remains.

The roof fell around 8 p.m. when a strong storm hit the area. About 260 people were inside the building when it happened. Firefighters and other first responders rushed to the scene to help people trapped under the rubble.

Out of the 28 injured people, five had very serious injuries, 18 had moderate injuries, and five had minor injuries. At least 20 ambulances went to the theater, which is about 14 miles from Rockford.

Videos on social media showed a big hole in the roof, and people trying to help others who were trapped. Morbid Angel said that a possible tornado hit the building.

You can see a video of the destruction at the bottom of this post.

“We ask anyone who is still traveling to the venue to please seek shelter and stay safe,” Morbid Angel posted on Facebook. “We are currently sheltering in place, and want to extend our support and hope that everyone at the show tonight is safe. Right now our focus is on making sure everyone in the venue tonight is ok and gets home.”

The governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, said his administration was keeping an eye on the situation. He tweeted that he talked to officials for updates and to offer help.

One person at the concert, Gabrielle Lewellyn, said she was only there for a few minutes when the roof fell. Another person, Theresa Best, was on her way to the show when her friends called to tell her what happened. She was worried about other friends inside the theater.

“The metal community is so nice, and my heart just aches for anybody who did lose their life,” Best told ABC Chicago. “I just hope all my friends are OK.”

The National Weather Service warned about severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in Belvidere, with strong winds and large hail. The storms caused over 103,000 people in the state to lose power on Friday night.

The Apollo Theater was built in 1921 and calls itself a “premiere music and event theater.”

Here is the video of the aftermath: