Top US General Denies WHAT?

( – Contrary to the growing revelations about the Defense Department’s leftist policy initiatives and in a move that doesn’t pass the laugh test for millions of conservatives, U.S. Gen. Mark Milley, the retiring chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has declared the U.S. military is not “woke.”

Milly spoke in an interview with CNN Sunday after announcing that he would retire at the end of September. He has held the nation’s highest-ranking military office for four years, since October 1, 2019.

“Is the U.S. military too woke?” CNN host Fareed Zakaria asked Milley.

“No, not at all,” replied the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“I’m not even sure what that word truly means,” Milley added.

He focused the rest of his answer on how the U.S. armed forces had improved their preparedness compared with past years.

“What I see is a military that’s exceptionally strong. It’s powerful; it’s ready. In fact, our readiness rates, the way we measure readiness, is better now than they’ve been in years,” the top U.S. military officer said.

A report by The Hill points out that Republican members of Congress have been raising the alarm over “woke policies” at the Pentagon, such as concentrating on DEI (“diversity, equity, inclusivity”) and accommodating “transgender soldiers.”

Such efforts at the Defense Department have led some GOP figures to call for slashing military spending.

“We’re going to cut money that’s being spent on wokeism; we’re going to cut legacy programs; we’re going to cut a lot of waste,” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), the House Armed Services Committee chairman, insisted earlier this year.

Florida’s Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has also warned that the military is being subjugated to a civilian “political ideology” and “infected by the woke mind virus.”

In his interview, Milley argued that those who voice concern over “wokeness” at the U.S. military did so to serve their own agenda.

“The thing that we also need to focus on is the modernization for the future character of war that I see fundamentally changing,” the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated.

“This military is a lot of things, but woke it’s not. So I take exception to that. I think that people say those things for reasons that are their own reasons, but it’s not true. It’s not accurate. It’s not a broad-brush description of the U.S. military as it exists today,” Milley concluded.