These Vending Machines Dispense WHAT?!

( – College campuses in Democrat-run communities are installing vending machines dispensing “morning-after” pills that can prevent pregnancy within several days of unprotected sex.

A vending machine for “morning-after” pills has been in operation at a library at the University of Washington for several months since November, the Associated Press reports, as cited by Newsmax.

The vending machine at the UWA is “stocked with ibuprofen, pregnancy tests, and the morning-after pill.”

The report points out that emergency contraception medication has become popular on college campuses nationwide since the June 2022 Dobbs ruling of the US Supreme Court that allowed state-level abortion limitations.

39 universities in 17 states are already equipped with emergency contraceptive vending machines, while at least 20 more are considering them, according to the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC).

AP stresses that some schools offering the morning-after pill through vending machines “are in states where abortion is largely banned.” Among them is the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma.

It also notes that the morning-after pill under the Plan B brand and its generic forms can legally be bought over the counter in all 50 states.

“With some states enacting abortion bans and others enshrining protections and expanding access to birth control, the machines are part of a push on college campuses to ensure emergency contraceptives are cheap, discreet, and widely available,” the leftist news agency comments.

“[Last year’s overturning of Roe v. Wade] is putting people’s lives at stake, so it makes pregnancy prevention all the more urgent,” declared ASEC head Kelly Cleland.

“If you live in a state where you cannot get an abortion and you can’t get an abortion anywhere near you, the stakes are so much higher than they’ve ever been before,” she added.

As of 2023, Washington state, one of the most liberal leftist states in the nation, became the first to allocate special funding for morning-after pills at public colleges and universities, including through vending machines.

It has set aside $200,000 for twenty $10,000 grants for such devices.

However, the University of Washington got its vending machine through a student-left campaign. It sells generic Plan B pills for $12.60, a quarter of the name-brand version, and 640 pills have already been bought on its campus.