‘Shot Between the Eyes’

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Distressing new testimonies by Border Patrol agents have exposed a shocking side of the illegal alien invasion, namely, that it’s not only ruining America but is enriching Mexican drug cartels beyond imagination, with migrants refusing to pay getting a bullet “between the eyes.”

In recent congressional testimonies, several Border Patrol sector chiefs have disclosed that migrants attempting to cross the southern border without cartel assistance often face severe repercussions from these criminal groups.

This information was revealed in a transcript of closed-door testimony obtained by The Daily Caller.

Joel Martinez, the Border Patrol Chief of the Laredo Sector, testified before the House Homeland Security Committee in June, describing a particularly brutal incident.

He recounted how migrants who did not use cartel services were gruesomely murdered.

“For starters, if you go down the river without their permission—every section of the river has a boss that owns that particular part of the river. If you go down there without their permission, they can either beat you or hit you with, like, a paddle, and they’ve been known to shoot people, you name it. That’s how they—they rule through intimidation, so that’s a very common practice,” Martinez revealed.

“The other day, we had two people wash up to our shores, and they had no identification on them, but we’re thinking they were migrants that went down there without permission. One of them had his head halfway blown off, and the other one was shot between the eyes,” he added.

GOP Congress members have attributed the surge in illegal crossings to the policies of the Biden administration and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Border Patrol chiefs testified about the cartels’ domination over border traffic, making independent crossing extremely hazardous.

“The organizations that own those lanes get paid for everything and person that crosses in that area. So they are afforded a payment for everything that goes through, and they don’t want to lose that payment, Aaron Heitke, Chief Patrol Agent for the San Diego Sector, told the committee in May.

“The transnational criminal organizations would apply a consequence to an individual that tried to cross without going through them,” Chief Patrol Agent for the El Paso Sector Anthony “Scott” Good testified on June 29.

Gregory Bovino, Chief Patrol Agent for the El Centro Sector, testified in July that avoiding cartel assistance while crossing is uncommon and leads to serious “consequences” for migrants.