SHOCKING VIDEO: Passenger Opens Plane Door During Flight

( – If you thought a passenger jet’s doors couldn’t be opened while in flight, you may be wrong as it happened.

According to several news accounts, a passenger aboard a South Korean flight opened an emergency door moments before the plane landed — sparking caught-on-video chaos and panic among the 194 passengers in the wind-swept cabin.

You can watch the video of what happened just a bit further down this post.

The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 was about to land in Daegu after a flight from the southern island of Jeju on Friday when the passenger pulled the emergency exit handle at about 700 feet, officials said.

Some of the other passengers tried to prevent the person from reaching the door, but it partially opened, sending air whipping throughout the cabin as terrified fliers gripped their armrests.

Here is the video: