SHOCKING: Migrant Babies Thrown Over US Border

( – U.S. authorities have confirmed that illegal aliens tossed “dozens of babies and small children” over the US-Mexican border after over 1,000 illegals stormed a border section.

The “frantic scene,” which occurred near El Paso, Texas, was caused by social media rumors that the illegal aliens would be granted asylum and entry into the U.S. if they turned themselves into immigration agents, The New York Post reported.

The Post published photos showing “desperate parents [as they were] throwing their children over the international boundary.”

The group of illegal immigrants who flocked to a border wall gate near El Paso consisted mainly of Venezuelan nationals. They sought to surrender to the U.S. Border Patrol to get asylum.

According to the paper’s staff on the ground, the false rumors on social media “caused a stampede,” as the migrants “ran for miles” to reach “the front of the line.”

The U.S. Border Patrol reacted by stating that the rumors were misinformation. The agency continued to enforce Title 42, the Trump-era rule allowing fast expulsion of aliens on public health grounds.

Under it, citizens of Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Venezuela automatically get expelled back to Mexica if they cross the U.S. border illegally.

“People should not believe smugglers or others claiming the borders are open,” U.S. Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz wrote on Twitter to disprove the social media rumors.

“The borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey. Migrants making an unlawful entry are subject to expulsion and repatriation,” he added.

The report points out that there have been other cases in which false claims on social media, likely launched by Mexican drug cartels, have tricked migrants into trying to storm the U.S. border, particularly in the El Paso area.

One such instance occurred on March 12 when a group of illegal immigrants rushed a border bridge between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso. As a result, the bridge was blockaded by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers in riot fear.

Most of the migrants in the area have been stuck in Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.5 million, for several months, trying to cross into the U.S. Many are awaiting asylum interviews with U.S. officials.

“When you have families who have been waiting months to try to seek asylum … and they continue to have doors slammed in their faces — I think the desperation sets in,” commented Melissa Lopez, head of the Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, before local station KTSM.

The report notes that many “penniless” migrants are begging for money or washing car windows at crossroads, with Mexican officials turning “increasingly hostile to them.”

Amid their roundups of the aliens, last week, migrants locked in a detention facility ignited mattresses to protest their potential deportation. The fire got out of control and killed 39 of those who were locked in the cells.

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