She Opened WHAT Door On the Plane?!


( – Making the costly mistake of not asking anybody for advice, a rookie air traveler opened the plane’s emergency door, thinking it was the bathroom at an airport in eastern China.

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Air China Flight 2754 was waiting to take off from Quzhou Airport in Zhejiang province on Thursday night.

The South China Morning Post reported that a woman who said she had never flown before walked to the back of the plane and opened the emergency exit without the flight crew noticing.

Another passenger, identified only as Cheng, told the outlet that the flight attendants were “startled” when the evacuation slide popped out from the side of the plane.

A photo taken from the airport shows the large slide deployed on the tarmac.

Even though the plane could not take off, passengers were given 400 yuan ($55) and accommodations for the night.

Moreover, the Hong Kong-based outlet noted that activating the emergency escape can cost up to $28,000.

“The female passenger was in tears when she heard that she would need to pay damages,” Cheng said.

Additionally, police questioned the passenger who opened the door, but authorities have not released her identity, and it is unclear if she will face any charges.

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